How to Feed Meat to your Dog

Finally, how must we feed the meat? I have made it clear that the main way to administer it is by serving it raw. They are a number of vets that, dominated by that microbial theory, unnatural and wrong, ever so publicized by Pasteur, suggest sterilizing by means of cooking all kinds of meat administered to dogs. This was also the official policy in the training centers for war dogs of the British government, but the health state of a lot of dogs was noticeably deficient. Dog breeders cook the meat because they think that cooked meat presents less risk.

This theory is so out of context like the theory of Listor, who would pour his infamous disinfectants based on fenic acid on open wounds in order to kill the germs of different diseases, which at the same time, reduced to a 10th all the good bacteria which help close the wound; this delayed, and sometimes hindered, the healing of most of the wounds on which he applied this unnatural treatment.

Whichever kind they are, these destructive methods will never be beneficial for life; giving meat or milk deteriorated by heat will not take us anywhere but to undermining our dogs health state, and nobody will be able to know what real health is by feeding their dogs on dead matter, including all cooked food - with the exception of natural hard cereal grains, which are used to the exposure to the hot rays of sun, in their natural maturity, and therefore resist, to a certain degree, the destructive forces of fire.

The effects of cooking meat go way beyond the simple fact of destroying the vital forces present in all organic substances. Semi cooking artificially digests the food; and in this rupture of the meat tissue, the normal functions of the stomach and intestines are not completely used, as part of the job has already been done by cooking the meat; these organs are wrongfully exercised, and when this system is repeated day by day, we naturally understand -- because it is a law of nature -- that these organs are weakened and atrophied to such an extreme that after a certain amount of time they are not able to naturally fulfill their functions.

Besides, the delicate papilla of the palate become, what is known in medical terms as, "vicious" due to an alteration of the natural diet. As cooked meat acquires delicious properties, dogs start refusing their normal diet based on raw meat and prefer cooked meat, which is tastier. As with humans, the appetite and culinary preferences do not inform us about the food that is most convenient to a domestic dog. The result of feeding your dog with unnatural food is that your dog's taste buds will become capricious and perverted.

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