How to Increase Milk Production

All the foods I mention are known to favor breast-feeding non-pasteurized cow or goat milk, grated raw carrot or boiled carrot (mashed into purée), oat flakes, wheat flakes, barley flakes, lima beans, sea algae (it is known that they increase the content of fat in the milk of all animals, especially milk producing cows), molasses, honey, raw eggs, wild flax tea or infusion, cane roots, pine kernels, sweet clover, dill, marsh mallow roots (the plant, not the sweet commercials stuff!!), finely chopped corn cockle leaves mixed in milk and sprinkled on top of the meat and, finally, lots of fresh drinking water.

Mrs. Teresa Chávez, a specialist in hunting dogs, and her breeding grounds' administrator sent me a long report about the effects of the herbalist medicine they are using in their dogs. I share part of it with you:

"After many years of strict observance of the natural diet and the use of medicinal plants, we are mourning content with the results. In the case of pregnant and breast-feeding dogs, the difference is very noticeable. The dogs can serve all their health, bigger and active state (the latter, taking into consideration their condition), they give birth to her puppies without any problems, even though it is their first litter at five years of age. They're nursing is very good and the dogs want, better said, yearn to breast-feed their puppies as long as there is still a drop left and is still abundant for at least 10 to 12 weeks. After that, obviously, they go by the laws of nature that say that dogs should eat meat, replacing milk. In fact, it is very difficult to convince the puppies to give up maternal care."

"During this period, our experience is that dogs stay fit and healthy, they don't lose hair -- we don't see the sad case of hair loss -- nor does their skin darken; actually, it becomes even brighter."

This method, which follows all the indications of nature, seems to make sure the dog recuperates her elegant pre-pregnancy look: without droopy wombs that "undraw" the symmetric lines of her figure and reduce her activity and expose her to suffer injuries when doing any field activity.

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