Liver for Dogs

Something Dogs Enjoy: A dog's natural inclination for this organ is easily explained by its enormous wealth of vitamins and minerals. In the case of man, liver has, for a long time, been known as a remedy against anemia; it contains a unique acid that proceeds exclusively from the fresh "blood" of leaves, which, for that reason, has been called folic acid (from the Latin word for leaf, "folia").

Common sense indicates that we, as human beings, who can assimilate vegetable matter, find it more practical to obtain this folic acid from its natural source, green raw salads, and not indirectly from liver. Animals look for the liver in the same way that they do the eyes and intestines of the prey. Certainly, an animal who hasn't suffered any alteration or deterioration of its natural instincts possesses a very concrete action plan when it eats the body of its prey.

However, the liver of an unhealthy animal can often also be an unhealthy organ because it is the biochemist of the organism, and it often handles toxic substances and frequently gets overloaded. It is one of the first organs that gets sick when the body is weak: it can become a storage area for all the impurities of the body.

The liver of sheep can be infected with dangerous trematodes (Parasitic flatworms which have external suckers for attaching to a host). Therefore, only give your dog liver when you know it gnomes from a healthy animal. Even with all the caution in the world, it is usually the cause of diarrhea in cats and dogs, so give it to your dog with moderation, not more than twice a week. The fact that my greyhounds always refuse most of the small organs of falcons and big animals, including the liver and kidneys, is quite interesting: I think it might have something to do with a hereditary tribal law.

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