Preparing Cereal for your Dog

In the case of the dog, the cereals need preparation, being the best method to transform them into flakes, making them pass in between two hot rods, like what is done in mills. Cereal flakes have to be put to soak during the whole night in a bowl, with cold milk or milk whey. I want to insist that cereal in flakes is the most economical and healthiest way to give cereal to your dogs and cats.

For centuries, border collies, in British farms shared corn flakes with the other animals of the farm. I have prepared a series of products based on cereal flakes for dogs, whose beneficial effects for the health have been noticeable. Wheat flakes is enough to give half of the quantity, compared to the food based on bread or totally cooked cookies. Remember this norm and try to feed your dogs and cats with natural cereal flakes, but be careful with what you buy, because currently, due to commercial motives, most of the cereals are also toasted after the process of turning them into flakes. The toasting is done to get a better protection against moths and weevil, because they both like to feed themselves on healthy, natural corn flakes, and, in turn, they don't like to eat the more or less devitalized toasted flakes.

I personally do not feed my dogs the broth of meat or fish, as this can be given to them raw. All we need to worry about is too grate the grains with a vegetable grater, and then they fit within that of the vegetable oil, now, adding a bit of salt. I frequently give this mix to my greyhounds and to my kids. Corn can be conserved fresh if you introduce the entire ear, with the stalk facing down, in a bowl of water.

The owners of dogs themselves can make solved cookies for their dogs, using whole wheat, using a fast method of the Bedouins: you mix very its pounds all of whole wheat flour, slightly warm, we've warm water, milk or acid milk (buttermilch from Germanic countries), honey and molasses (two spoonfuls), and salt (2 teaspoons), for every 4 L of water. You leave this soaking so that it rises (without yeast). You have to leave this dough in a fresh area. After 15 minutes, make a hole in the center of the dough and pour 2 spoonfuls of olive oil (or corn oil) per kilo golf whole wheat flour that is used. Then it rise again, now for at least 30 minutes; sprinkle some fresh flower and it make round cookies. You could leave in the oven and a high heat, on greased or oiled hotplates. The objective is to get a quick cooking in order to avoid instruction of the relied elements of the wheat bran. That's the baking will only be up to 40 minutes. The result is substantial "Arab" cookies, excellent for the development of the jaw and denture.

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