The Amount of Food Per Body Weight that a Puppy/Dog Must Receive

There are many people that write me asking for details on how much they should give their dogs to eat. I have always refused to give such information because there are too many factors to bear in mind in order to give this kind of information. Some of the factors are: the breed, the structure of the dog, the quality of the food, the amount of physical exercise and even the dog's temper. You shoul also take into account that a puppy that is growing needs more food than an adult. Nevertheless, for those people that insist on feeding their dog according to an exact weight, I think that the observations that Dr. Krokent made in one of his books, which is one of the most precise canine books with regard to this matter that I have ever stumbled upon, are the most adequate for this purpose.

"The amount per weight that a puppy must receive is calculated starting from a twelfth to a twentieth of the corporal weight, varying according to the speed of growth and also to the breed. Therefore, a dog that weighs 5.5 kg. has to eat in between 300 to 500 gr. of food; and a dog that weighs 12 to 13 kg. must eat from 1 to 1 ½ kg.. When the dog has completely developed he will rarely need more than a twelfth of his weight, which can be considered a standard for all dogs that lead an active life."

Dr. Krokent is a firm advocate of a diet based on raw meat for dogs and cooked cereals in the breeding of dogs. Nevertheless, I believe that the dog should be allowed to eat whatever he wants of integral cereals, only controlling the intake of meat, as he could overdo it, although it isn't likely that he does so when eating cereals.

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