Using Raspberry In Your Pregnant Dogs Diet

I don't have enough time or space to write all the reports that the breeders have sent me as it would take me ages to compile it all. But as the use of raspberry leave is so important for the well-being of dogs, I will make an exception. Ms. Dolores Day, breeder of German shepherds, says the following:

"As far as raspberry leaves, is I have never seen such easy births before using this herb; besides, the mothers looks so well during pregnancy, and intestinal evacuation is perfect. Even first-time mothers show no signs of problems, and their puppies are born without any effort or pain. I sent some raspberry leaves to a breeder in Japan and she was absolutely amazed with the results; she had always had such horrible moments with her females, some of them had spent up to three days in labor. On a once had a female Chihuahua that had aborted twice and, after taking the raspberry infusion, was able to make it to the final stage of her pregnancy and she barely realized she was giving birth."

Ms. Diana Smith, poodle specialist and breeder, also said something with regard to this matter, "I have obtained wonderful results with the use of raspberry leaf; breeding small dogs with a good bone structure, I know is that this particular herb makes them give birth quickly and easily. I consider it next to miraculous."

Raspberry has experimented a worldwide revival these last years, so much so that the very conservative bulletins of human medicine have dedicated entire articles to the use of this plant in childbirth. However, most of those articles -- as is common in chemical medicine oriented medical bulletins -- give a disdainful point of view and allege that any and all merit is merely psychological. We, who have studied the habits of wild animal, know that a comma in spring, look for the herbs that favor pregnancy, especially the leaves and sprouts or buds of the wild raspberry, wild rosebush, chamomile, feverfew and wild mint. Spring is the natural season for procreating animals. Female carnivores that feed on herbivorous animals and that, most of all, choose the intestines rich in vegetable matter of their prey; presumably obtain enough amount of herbs for the pregnancy with which they keep their reproductive organs in perfect state, at the same time helping their puppies in the moment of birth.

Before dropping the topic of raspberry leaves, I have to mention the great affinity there is between that plant and reductive organs; actually we immediately know that that mother has been treated with raspberry when, in a moment of birth, the placenta is dark-greenish and, besides, you can smell the trademark strong smell of the raspberry leaf. This point has been corroborated by different breeders.

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