Dog Jealousy

Your dog is for you but an intimate friend. He must divide his affection with your family, good friends and maybe with another dog or with a cat. But for your dog, you are his only best friend. Most of the dogs are used to this agreement and are happy with it. But on some cases they are a bit jealous, overall when the competitor a new comer to the family, as is a baby or another animal. Some dogs show its annoyance getting in between you and the one that has your attention. Or they show themselves aggressive, growling and trying to bite its rival. Your dog thinks he has the right to ask for your attention. Jealousy can cause real problems between both of them. When more time goes by, more serious it will get. You need to end this situation before something bad happens.

Give Him Part of Your Time: Dogs that suffer from jealousy can be very obstinate. He will try to caress your hand with his snout; he will rub against you and follow you around the house like a shadow. Although sad as it may be, you mustn't submit to his pleas of paying attention only to him when so he demands. If you do, he will ask for more and will become anxious if you should deny him attention. The best is to give him a few minutes several times a day to give him full attention. After that, be disposed to ignore him or to do his things. This will help him understand that he must respect his limits until he discovers that he can't monopolize all your attention.

Make Your Authority Prevail: While feeling guilty for not paying attention to the dog, he will perceive your weakness and ask you for more. This is no time to attend its fleas, but to demand things before petting that insist in snout, make him sit or lie down. This way he will understand that it is you and not him who is the master also. To make him sit or lie down, you situate him in a lower and subordinated position. This will diminish his status in the house and will make him understand that he is there to obey orders. If your dog ignores these orders, is because he thinks he is the boss. The obedience classes will teach him to understand.

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