Nasal Secretion in Dog

It's impossible to see a dog blowing its nose (they are capable of many things, but they don't know how to use a handkerchief). But they have mucus with the same frequency that we do and sometimes for the same reasons (allergies, colds and sinusitis problems). Dogs use their nose as vacuum cleaners to smell interesting things that surround them. And sometimes inhaling things that he shouldn't, like weeds or small twigs that causes him a dripping. Most of the secretions aren't serious, but can disturb his breathing. The constant humidity also dries and irritates the nose and inflames he mucous membrane. Here are some recommendations to keep your dog calm ad to stop the dripping.

Clean Dog's Nose: Dogs that suffer from colds or allergies segregate a great quantity of mucus every day. If you don't clean them, they will become dry and their nose will turn sensible and painful. It's worth taking some seconds for cleaning his nose with a cloth moisten in warm water. Apply after, a hydrated cream to maintain it lubricated. Another way of cleaning its mucus is by using a baby towel containing aloe, a soothing here ingredient that hydrates the skin and helps it heal faster.

Trick: Dogs that have mucus usually have the mucous membrane irritated. For this reason, if you take him into the bathroom while you are taking a shower, the vapor will clean its nose instantly, diminishing the dripping.

Give Him an Anti-inflammatory: The anti-inflammatory like the cortisone are very effective against the allergies that cause nose dripping. Veterinarians usually recommend giving them 3 milligrams for each 0.5 kilogram of his body weight. However, each dog has a different reaction to medicines, for which you should ask the veterinary for the exact dose.

Do the Mirror Test: It is not strange that the dog's nasal orifices should be obstructed by small objects, which cause much mucus and the energetic rubbing of the head and the nose. Try to see inside his nose to see if there is anything there. The easiest way to observe the nasal obstructions is to use a small mirror. If you put the mirror under his nose and both of the orifices don't create the same kind of vapor, there is probably an strange body inside.

If you can see the objects, try to extract it with your fingers or with some tweezers. However, most of dogs will not stay still, for which you will have to have th aid of someone else to hold him while you poke into his nose. If the dog still won't let you work or if the object seems too difficult to extract, is best to go to the veterinary. He will easily extract the object.

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