Dog Parasites Home Remedy

The skin infections causes by parasites as fleas or skin acarus are very frequent. It's normal for dogs to have acarus at some time. This infection is called mange and there are 3 types: the demodecica, the scabies and the cheyletiella, all of then very annoying for dogs. The scabies can also be contagious to people. Most of the acarus presents the same symptoms, but they are not in the whole identical.

The Demodecica Mange: Puppies usually contract this disease when suckling. This acarus lives in the pylorus follicles and is not very annoying. But if there is a warm and humid atmosphere, they can multiply, redden, inflammation of the skin and cause the falling of hair from all the dogs body. An adult dog contracts the mange because its immune system has weaken, which favors the multiplication of acarus. The only practical remedy to treat this infection is for your veterinary to apply an pharmacological therapy of long duration. If a healthy puppy is affected, the demodecica mange will disappear by itself. If the loss of hair and the inflammation seems to fall back and doesn't bother him, he will be cured in a month. If he doesn't get better or seems to get worse, go to the veterinary.

Scabious: This type of mange usually manifests itself on the elbows and on the ears and causes intense itching. The dog will not stop scratching sometimes they feel so bad that they can't sleep. The scabies is contagious to human beings, for which you should wash your hands after touching him. Begin by giving him a bath. Go to the veterinary for a prescription of an effective insecticide against acarus. Ask for a lime sulphide disinfectant that can be more effective for your dog. The scabrous is very contagious, for which you don't only have to bath your dog. But all the animals in the house. Be sure that the disinfectant you use isn't dangerous to any of them.

Cheyletiella: This type of acarus multiplies in such a way, that sometimes the skin of your dog may seem as if it where moving. Veterinary don't take seriously this infection, due that it only irritates the skin a little and it's treated easily with a medications against fleas. To make sure that the infection is due to the cheyletiella and not seborrhea affection, observe your dogs skin with a magnifying class. If the skin moves, then it is cheyletiella, normal shampoo against fleas will eradicate the cheyletiella. Bath your dog every 7 days during 3 or 6 weeks to eradicate completely the acarus. Except for demodecica mange, that has to be treated by the veterinary, the mange tends to disappear by itself a few week or months after applying the adequate treatment. To help your dog fight the indisposition, here is what you can do.

Ease the Itching: Bath your dog with cold water and use a maize starch shampoo. This will calm th indispositions caused by the acarus. Give your dog a bath once a week during 4 or 6 weeks.

Cover Him: Dogs with mange, overall if it is scabies, tend to scratch furiously injuring the skin and putting in risk of causing another infection. To avoid this, put him baby clothes if he is a puppy or an undershirt if he is bigger. He will keep on scratching but the clothes will protect his skin from his nails.

Clean the house: Although the scabies dies when leaving its most after one or two weeks, veterinarians recommend cleaning the house thoroughly. Sweep and pass the vacuum cleaner frequently to eliminate the acarus that might pretend to install themselves on a human or animal host.

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