Dog obsessed with a toy

Sometimes dogs get obsesses with a toy or an object that he likes more than others and, though you will ask for him to give it to you, but he will not let go. Wait a moment to take the object from him and throw t. don't use force to take it away from him because he might get angry and bite you. To suppress the temptation is much easier than to get your dog to overcome it and, once this favorite object has disappeared, is less probable that he will keep on showing possessive and defiant.

Teach Him to Let Go Of Things: After the orders of "sit", "stay" and "came", the order of "let's go" is one of the most important lessons that your dogs has to learn. It is not only useful to modify his possessive conduct and teach him to obey, but also to avoid that he should put in his mouth dangerous objects and probably swallow it. The order is easy to teach. Start by saying "let go" when your dog has nothing in his mouth and then give him a prize. Do it several times a day during a few days. Then give the order when he has something in his mouth, if possible something he likes. Where he lets go of it, give him a prize and praise him. Keep on doing this and soon he will learn to obey the order and become less aggressive and less selfish.

Cut His Concentration When Eating: Almost all the dogs are very possessive with his food. Sometimes stop the point to growl or to try to bite anyone near. To get to change his attitude. Take his receptacle of food away from him for a while. One day put his food on the lawn and the next day over a newspaper. Give him to eat on different places and in different ways. When having deflected his attention from the object of pleasure, that is, the receptacle, he will show himself less aggressive when protecting what he feels is his.

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