Dog Urinary Tract Infection

If your dog asks insistently to go for a walk, be patient. It is probable that he is suffering from an infection to the urinary tract that prevents him from holding the urine for too much time. Although, every can suffer from an infection to the urinary tract, female dogs are more inclined, due that its urethra is smaller, which makes it easy for bacteria to ascend to the bladder. Male dogs have a urethra some centimeters longer, for which there is less risk to suffer this kind of infection.

Urinary infections are usually treated with antibiotics and they can have serious consequences if not treated immediately. Its symptoms are the following.

  • Do they do much effort to urinate?
  • Dogs that suffer from urinary infections have desires to urinate even if the bladder is almost empty. They usually take more time than normal and they make an effort to obtain it, but not always can.
  • Pain when urinating?
  • An infection can damage and irritate the interior of the urethra. When urinating dogs feel a burning. Surely they will lick its genitals when finished to ease the itching.
  • In his urine obscure or with blood?
  • Dogs suffer this type of infection usually bleed when urinating, for which the urine acquires a reddish tone. The urine usually has a bad fetid odor.

Make the dog Feel Comfortable: If detected soon, most of the urinary infections can be fought with medicines, it will pass a week or more until the dog is completely well. In the meanwhile, here are some advices from the veterinarians.

Take dog Out Frequently: It's important to take your dog for walks when ever it is necessary, even if you have to ask someone else to do it. This way he will be more comfortable and can get rid of the bacteria in the bladder that could cause problems.

Explore the Neighborhood: Give a walk to your dog and make use of this opportunity to explore your neighborhood, at the same time your dog urinates and gets rid of noxious bacteria.

Give dog Citric Juices: Citric juices make the urine more acid, which helps to reduce the quantity of bacteria and avoid the burning. Mix 30 or 60 grams of juice in his breakfast during 2 or 3 days if he doesn't like to drink alone.

Give dog More Water: Try to make him drink more water so he will urinate more often. This way, he will expel the bacteria before they damage him.

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