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Surfing through the web I came across an online pet store in Austrialia that had information about raising wallabies. Wallabies can be very gentle if they have been hand-raised. Wild caught specimens or animals that have not had a lot of human contact can be full of fear. A fearful wallaby will run into and up fences, and walls in attempt to get away. You should purchase wallabies while they are still on the bottle so that they will adapt to you and your environment most readily. Remember that these babies will take 24-hour care until they are weaned. Wallabies like to loaf in the shade on a hot day and sunbathe on a cold day if the wind is mild. Wallabies will need heat in the winter if it is very cold. The larger wallabies can tolerate lower temperatures than the smaller species. Male wallabies can fight over females during breeding season, so you must have an enclosure large enough for the submissive males to get away from the dominant males or they may get hurt or even killed.
Wallabies eat a high percentage of fiber in the wild and a relatively low amount of protein. New animals that have been fed soft foods MUST be allowed to condition their mouths gradually with no sharp stems or grain hulls. Dry grass hay is necessary at all times because it is high in fiber. Vegetables and fruits for wallabies can include carrots, yams, apples, corn, broccoli, celery, grapes, and romaine lettuce. Use sweet fruits sparingly. Remember food should not be sharp or coarse or it can promote injury to the mouth and resultant lumpy jaw. Providing brush or dry grass to chew on toughens the mouth and helps to reduce the incidence of the disease.

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