Black Powder Coated Professional Breeder Dog Kennels

Each section of the Black Powder Coated Proffesional Breeder Modular Dog Kennel is constructed out of 8 gauge heavy-duty 2'x4' welded wire mesh, with a 100% commercial grade steel frame. Our Kennels are kept rust free by the After Galv process in which each completed part is galvanized once it has been welded. After Galvanization, the kennels are powder-coated for a pure black finish. Due to our direct drill and weld technique to attach (Weld) the 2'x4' wire mesh directly to the galvanized steel frame, the kennel is free of any protrusions. 1" base legs allow for easy clean up of this professional modular dog kennel.

Black Powder Coated Professional Breeder Dog Kennel Features

Six Foot High Kennels
Four Foot High Kennels