Puppies That Run Off With Things

The reason that puppies sometimes grab at things and take off with them is pretty obvious really; they highly enjoy doing this. To them it's a way of having fun. Let's look at what really happens when a puppy grabs on to one of your underwear and takes off: "Ok, so the puppy sees your silk pink underwear on the bed right? He then proceeds to grab it with his teeth and goes walking out of the room towards the living room where the guy you like is sitting waiting for you to take you out to the movies. You realize that your puppy is headed his way so you proceed to call out to the puppy and say, "Come back here!" "Hey!" and you pick up speed and start to chase him thinking you will be able to catch him before he can get to the living room where your date awaits you. However chasing the puppy and calling out to him does not cause him to stop, to the contrary, the puppy dashes off even quicker than you would expect and when you finally do catch up to him you are lying on the ground in front of your date fighting to get the silk pink underwear away from the puppy, while at the same time laughing to shake off the embarrassing situation." Well, obviously this does not always happen in this exact way, but you get the idea. Puppies grab at things and take off with hopes that you will do exactly that, chase after them to play.

However, if the puppy were to grab at one of his bones and parades himself in front of your visitors, nothing would happen, you would allow it and probably completely ignore him.

Ok, so you understand what we are saying, but how do you avoid the puppy from grabbing at your silk underwear or any other prohibited object? Here's how:

  • Make sure to provide your puppy with plenty of toys that he likes such as stuff that shakes and rattles, (puppy toys that is). Puppies really like furry things such as stuffed toys or rope bones. There are also toys that have food stuffed inside of them and which puppies really like playing with to get the good stuff out of them.
  • Whenever you buy a new toy for your puppy, make sure to carry it around with you for a couple days before allowing him to have it.
  • Pay attention to your puppy when he grabs his own toys. Praise him for it. Let him know how adorable he is.
  • Play fetch with your puppy with his toys. Dogs really enjoy these types of games.
  • Be smart and don't leave things out in places you know your puppy hangs out in and where he can have easy access to grabbing at them.
  • Teach your puppy a command such as "come here" so that when he does run grab an object he will know you are going to give him a treat or praise him for obeying you.
  • The best time to teach your puppy a command is in a quiet moment and when he does do what you say, you offer him a dog treat. You should purposely give him something you don't want him to grab at (not valuable of course) and then practice the training session with him. Little by little go increasing the value of the forbidden object and continue the training session by trading with him. The dog will get point soon enough. Remember that training is all about consistency.
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